About Us

I’m Kenya Moore, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, and the founder of Jensen’s Gym. As a mom to a special needs son, I understand the daily challenges of raising someone atypical. When Jensen was very young I began to notice signs of sensory processing disorder which led to a diagnosis of autism. Throughout the years, I found a support from friends with special needs children who guided me on the path of advocating for my child when he desperately needed it. Without that support from the community, my son would have missed out on several educational opportunities as well as a lack in social skills. One day when we were at the park, I met a woman who was a foster mother to several special needs children. In the past, we’d witnessed a lot of opposition and bullying of Jensen from children who didn’t understand his challenges. But, that moment at the park, I watched the children look after each other and support one another. It was a turning point for me as a parent, and I made it my mission to provide a safe space for children just like the one we experienced. Here at Jensen’s Gym, our goal is to help parents and children navigate the challenges that come with a special needs diagnosis. We are here to support you with the tools that can help with care, education, and foster an environment where all children feel safe and loved. Jensen’s Gym has qualified special needs and occupational therapists and volunteers to keep our gym safe and inclusive for all children.